Blue & John Crow Mountains

Be a friend of the Blue Mountains

The BJCMNP is globally and nationally important for its cultural heritage, forests and wildlife, recreational opportunities and for its water supply to eastern Jamaica.

JCDT manages the BJCMNP to protect its resources for all Jamaicans; but we need your help now, if we are to sustain this work beyond 2013.

Over 1 million Jamaicans get our drinking water from the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park (BJCMNP). Almost 300,000 of those are adults living in the Kingston and St. Andrew area. Our target is for 100,000 people to donate a minimum of $2,000 to raise $200million over the next three years. Be a Friend of the Blue Mountains – donate now – Help protect the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park – for all time.

Management of the BJCMNP has been budgeted in the 2011 – 2016 Management Plan to require at least JA$55 million per annum. This includes staff including National Park Rangers and Programme Officers, fuel and the materials to implement all the programmes described elsewhere in this website.

However the Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust (JCDT) is usually only able to raise about JA$30million per annum, which means that we are not as effective in our management as we would like to be. Of this amount the Natural Resources Conservation Authority (NRCA) through the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) provides about 30% and the remainder is raised from grants, donations, fundraisers and the operation of the recreational areas. It is however becoming increasingly difficult to raise core operational funds.

An Endowment Fund, from which only the annual returns on investment will be used, has been established to help cover long-term funding of essential operational expenses. The JCDT is therefore inviting everyone to become a Friend of the Blue Mountains by donating at least JA$2,000 to the Endowment Fund.

We invite Friends of the Blue Mountains to get their friends, family and colleagues involved – get them to be Friends of the Blue Mountains as well, or to make a donation to the Endowment Fund. Join one of our events OR create one of your own.


BJCMNP | The Blue Mountains Experience

The JCDT appreciates the involvement and support of our Partners, Donors and Sponsors

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