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Enforcement & Compliance Programme

Programme Goal
To stop encroachment of the BJCMNP boundary and destruction of the forest and wildlife within
Objective 1 To increase the level of presence of enforcement officers and their effectiveness in detecting and mitigating breaches of relevant legislation
Objective 2 To contribute to the resolution of breaches inclusive prosecution of offenders
Objective 3 To resolve boundary discrepancies and re-establish and mark all boundaries.
Objective 4 To raise community awareness regarding: the BJCMNP boundary and legislation, particular issues that threaten the BJCMNP, and increase community involvement in addressing these issues.

Patrols of the National Park (particularly at key locations along the boundary) continue to increase, since doubling between 2005 and 2009. Additional patrols are carried out by the Forestry Department.

# of patrols 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
  43 80 120 175 100 129 124 96 131 128

The National Park Regulations of 1993, section 32, state the functions of a National Park Ranger as, “to patrol the area of each national park, to protect the resources of that national park and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, to-

  1. patrol and monitor the various zones of the national park;
  2. enforce these Regulations;
  3. maintain patrol vehicles, marking facilities and trails;
  4. provide first-aid, emergency or rescue assistance to national park users in the event of accident or injury; and
  5. assist in the conduct of environmental monitoring programmes”.

This is exactly what the BJCMNP Rangers do – they are involved in all aspects of National Park management, including encouraging compliance through interpretive enforcement.

Since 2005, the Park Rangers have been using GPS Units to identify the coordinates of the patrol location so that this can be mapped using Geographical Information Systems (GIS). They also take photographs and notes of their observations. This information is used to guide the Enforcement and Compliance Programme in regard to further action to reduce breaches of legislation.

Patrols for 2014
Patrols for 2014

Illegal activities and threats to the National Park’s ecosystems are reported to the relevant government agency (National Environment and Planning Agency and/or Forestry Department) and action taken accordingly.

Confiscation of Juniper Cedar stolen from within the National Park
Confiscation of Juniper Cedar stolen from within the National Park

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