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Governance & Administration Programme

To meet the BJCMNP’s over-arching conservation goal and execute the management programmes aimed at achieving this, several management and administrative functions are essential. Planning, project management, supervision, financial management, monitoring and evaluation are all critical management functions that ensure timely and effective implementation of activities. Financial management is of particular significance in the Jamaican context where funding from government sources is limited and un-secured. Administrative functions include procurement, accounting, reporting, filing and correspondence. Administrators and the work they do, often behind the scenes, provides the necessary support that operations staff need to get the mission of the organization accomplished. Marketing and public relations activities are necessary, not only for the recreation and tourism components of park management, but to promote the National Park’s work in order to garner increased support.

Programme Goal
To provide efficient, effective and sustained management that will allow the BJCMNP to meet its over-arching and other goals.
Objective 1 To coordinate management at the policy level through establishment of a BJCMNP Advisory Committee comprising key public, private sector and community stakeholders meeting twice a year.
Objective 2 To coordinate management at the operations level through regular meetings of the Co-Management Committee (management partners as per relevant agreements) and community stakeholders.
Objective 3 To provide supervision, project management, financial management and administrative support for the BJCMNP’s programmes
Objective 4 To source short and long-term funding for park management through grant funding, government subvention, donations, sponsorship and opportunities provided through the Recreation and Tourism Programme.
Objective 5 To ensure adaptive management through monitoring and evaluation of all programmes

Governance of the National Park is collaborative and focuses on a core team of representatives from the Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust (JCDT), National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA), Forestry Department, Jamaica National Heritage Trust (JNHT) and the Maroon Councils. For the last few years, this group has been working through the Ministry of Youth and Culture for the inscription of the core: Preservation Zone of the National Park as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the outstanding value of both natural and cultural heritage.

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