Blue & John Crow Mountains

Misty Bliss 2015 will be held on Sunday, 29th November to celebrate the inscription of the Blue and John Crow Mountains on the UNESCO World Heritage List confirming the outstanding universal value of both the cultural and natural heritage of the site.

The event's entertainment will feature "Mr Festival" - Roy Rayon, the Jamaican Folk Singers and the Charles Town Maroon Drummers and Dancers. The food will be traditional, old time Jamaican cooking - tasty and hearty. The Bowden Pen Farmers Association will be there with their usual Maroon cuisine. There will be activities for children of all ages including Treasure Hunt and Guided Tours. An educational exhibit will be mounted about the Blue and John Crow Mountains cultural and natural heritage.

See the flyer attached for details. Call or email the office for more information:
960-2848/9 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


BJCMNP | The Blue Mountains Experience

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