• Holywell Coffee Tours

    Holywell Coffee Tours

    Coffee tours begin at Holywell and take you through the coffee plantation of the celebrated Twyman’s Old Tavern Coffee Estate.

  • Holywell Nature Walks

    Holywell Nature Walks

    Surrounded by a riot of tropical plants including Jamaica’s national tree, the Blue Mahoe, Holywell has five walking trails to explore with just enough difficulty to make it fun. These nature walks are suitable for children and senior citizens.

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    The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park is a unique environment for the Caribbean. The area experiences considerable rainfall and low temperatures, especially at night. Some areas of the park are only accessible on foot. Cellular service in remote areas is unstable. These conditions can make search and rescue a challenge. Emergencies are rare in the national park. Here are some tips to help you enjoy the mountains safely: